EasyData Pivot Table Tool

Find, Customise & Download a Report

EasyData tutorial: How to create a report of South African imports from various regions

The above video explains step-by-step how to create and download a report of South African imports from various regions using the EasyData Pivot Table Tool.

The EasyData Pivot Table Tool helps you create customised reports that show your data the way you want to see it. You can download these reports to your computer in Microsoft Excel and other formats.

  1. Find a Report
  2. Customise Your Report
  3. Download Your Report

1. Find a Report

Use the Reports tab to look for a report on the Report Folders Page. When you find a report that contains the data you want to work with, click the report's name to open it.

Report Folders Page

2. Customise Your Report

Once you have found a report and opened it, you can customise it in many ways:

Move dimensions around among the row column, and other dimension areas.

Move dimensions

View all the possible items for every dimension, and choose the ones you want to have in your report.

View dimension items

Drill into a group to reveal the group members.

Drill into group

3. Download Your Report

When your report looks the way you want it to look, you can download it to your computer. Click the 'Actions' button, then click 'Download report data...' and select the file format you wish to download.

Download a report